Finally the solution for posting eggs

Eggspress Safe is a product born out of necessity to post eggs safely. Gone are the days of mountains of bubble wrap and sticky tape and hours of packing.

  • Unique design created by a chicken breeder and lover
  • No more bubble wrapping
  • Insulated for temperature control
  • Takes 3 minutes to pack (6 Easy Steps)
  • Adjustable
  • 100% Australian owned and made
  • 1 Eggspress Safe carton fits perfectly in a 3kg (L) Express Post satchel & 2 cartons fit in a 5kg (XL) Express Post satchel
  • Available in 6 different poultry egg sizes
  • No more dirty cardboard egg cartons
  • Washable and reusable

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1 - How to order the cartons

To make it cost effective, the cartons are sold and shipped to breeders in bundles of 10. Allow 4-7 days for postage. Cartons are available individually for local pickup for $4/item.

Orders will be sent every Wednesday

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What my customers think of Eggspress Safe

Hi Corinne - your eggs arrived yesterday around midday, very quick turnaround! I've rested them today and will get them under our hens tomorrow evening. Your packaging was top class thankyou, Cheers Scott

Hi Corinne, eggs arrived yesterday afternoon, in perfect condition. Thankyou. Just wanted to ask, where do you get the polystyrene case from? It's fantastic for transporting them! Thanks again Tara

No breakages

Smile Face Emoji
amazing. Such a great little carton you packaged them in thank you! Looking forward to meeting our little fluff balls in 3 weeks. Thanks

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2 - How to pack your eggs for posting

Each order comes with an instruction form on how to pack eggs and a complimentary form on resting/ hatching posted eggs for your newbie customers.

Items You Need

All You Need

  • Box of Tissues
  • Roll of Packing Tape
  • Scissors or Paper Cutter
step 1

Step 1

Place a piece of tape on each end of the bottom to hold in place

step 2

Step 2

Place one or more tissues at the bottom of each egg compartment (depending on the size of the eggs) in the Eggspress Safe for support and protection!

step 3

Step 3

Place two stacked tissues into your hand, then place the egg pointy end down in the centre of the tissue. Bring all 4 corners of the tissues together above the egg, creating a neat little package.

step 4

Step 4

Place the wrapped egg into an available hole in your Eggspress Safe box. Make sure the egg is placed pointy end down with the 4 corners of the tissue facing up.

Placing egg wrapped in tissue into an available slot
all slots filled for the eggspress with excess tissue coming out

Step 5

Wrap tape around the outside of the carton to pull in adjustable slots so the eggs are secure. Tuck the excess tissue around the egg evenly to keep the egg snug to prevent any movement inside. Add an extra tissue if needed.

step 6

Step 6

Place the lid with Eggspress Safe logo on the egg carton and tape 4 ways.

3 - Posting your eggs

Once your eggs are secured, place the Eggspress Safe carton in the bag with logo facing up the same way as post bag address label (to receiver) so when the eggs are traveling they will be facing pointy end down the majority of the time.

fits in one standard aus post parcel

1 Eggspress Safe carton fits perfectly in a 3kg (L) Express Post satchel*

fits in one standard aus post parcel

2 Eggspress Safe cartons fits perfectly in a 5kg (XL) Express Post satchel*

*Express Post satchels are the cheapest way to post your eggs.

Comes with an instruction form and a complimentary incubation information sheet for your client.